Dear Rosemarie,

My wife Barbara and I sincerely regret that we will not be available on May 18th for what promises to be a wonderful “ walk down memory lane” with friends and ’family’ from the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine and Brighton Medical Center.  We both have very strong emotional ties to the Osteopathic history and unique way of caring.

Barbara’s mother, Eleanor “Stacy” Stacy worked on 2nd East for a number of years in pediatric care and helping the nursing staff as a whole train the new interns such as Stu Herrick and others.

I have special memories of Ed Tibbets who was instrumental in having me nominated to the OHM Board in 1978.  I thought I would spend a few years on the Board and then step off to other voluntary service.  Little did I know that it would take me about four years to begin to understand the complexities of the Healthcare world.  I also did not expect the roller coaster ride of Healthcare changes and turmoil that began in the mid-eighties.  I was so very fortunate to serve with such outstanding Board Chairmen as Paul Emerson and Walter Webber, as well as Medical Staff Chairs Jim Flaherty, David Weed, Louis Hanson and CEO Jim Donovan.

I close this note with the positive thought that I carry with me at every MaineHealth Board meeting that I attend, OSTEOPATHIC HERITAGE LIVES ON.  I see, read and hear examples of it continuously, whether it is at Maine Medical Center, at the Brighton Campus or at Mercy Hospital.

I warmly and sincerely thank all who loved, lived and worked at building this lasting heritage and for allowing me to share in the memories!  Our heartfelt wishes for a wonderful and nostalgic evening.

Dick and Barbara Roy