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142 High St, corner on Congress, where on July 10,1935, on the 5th floor in Dr. Harry Campbell's office, The Osteopathic Hospital of Maine was formally incorporated

View of the entrance way to 142 High St

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The original OHM on 166 Pleasant Ave.

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From 1944-1946, the hospital included this 65 bed building on 62 State St.

The State St Hospital Home for Nurses at 44-46 State St.  It was occupied by nurses trained by Dr. Drummond, who used 62 State St before OHM took it over.

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335 Brighton Ave, view of the recently replaced sign.

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Aerial views of Maine Medical.

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A few shots taken around Campus

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The Cornerstone Gallery

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1951Brighton Ave wing, by front doors to the right of main entrance

Seen in back hallway of the cafeteria

Located at main entrance, 4 yrs and $8.9 million worth of construction

The Keating House, named after Dr. Clifford H Keating,D.O.
(1907-1981), who lived and practiced here

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giftshop.jpg (55010 bytes)What has become of our gift shop

internhomes.jpg (85619 bytes)  This recent photo was taken from the same point as was the photo you can see in the newspaper article about homes for interns and residents in the 1966 article.
See the Portland Library Archive Section.

What once was The Center for Health Promotion, as it appears today

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CHP moved to 1600 Congress, and has since merged with OH&R

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bfc.jpg (131191 bytes)Brighton First Care flyersfirstcare1.jpg (25803 bytes)

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