Thus far, the items I've personally collected over the years, some that I found in the lab, a little help from my co-workers,
and a special thanks to those alumni who contributed to this collection.

Check out the T-Shirts for the new arrivals
ohmpin5.jpg (29536 bytes)
5 year OHM pin
ohmpin10.jpg (33330 bytes)
10 year OHM pin
ohmpin15.jpg (41561 bytes)
15 year OHM pin
bmcpin20.jpg (33063 bytes)
not sure how many years
token5.jpg (33926 bytes)
A five year pin for the guys
token9.jpg (30871 bytes)
The 10 year pendant for the gals
15yrkhife1.jpg (20044 bytes)
15 year Brighton pocket knife
ohmnamepin.jpg (18861 bytes)
Your basic OHM name pin
button1.jpg (8251 bytes)
Renaissance 85 Pin
token3.jpg (21271 bytes)
Great Training Pin
token2.jpg (13638 bytes)
great.jpg (55596 bytes)
Great Award Pin
pbx.jpg (82056 bytes)
Photos of PBX Board
phoneset.jpg (73376 bytes)
Switchboard phone, used
until approx. 1987
rosemagnet.jpg (18242 bytes)  magnet1.jpg (11679 bytes)  magnet2.jpg (10402 bytes)
Magnets you stick on refrigerators
matcha.jpg (33885 bytes)
OHM Matches
token4.jpg (20741 bytes)
This was during the time of the "Merger"
token6.jpg (33181 bytes)  
Xmas gift for the Xmas tree
token1.jpg (18483 bytes)
Key chain.  Mostly this stuff was from Xmas time, but can't say for sure

An OHM pen with what appears to be a 'typo'

token7.jpg (44247 bytes)
Pen and Pencil set, another Xmas present.  Not too exciting to look at, but here they are anyway
token8.jpg (16143 bytes)
Company pencil and pen
token10.jpg (31363 bytes)
Back of the photo ID cards
renaissancepen.jpg (43527 bytes)
Renaissance 85 pen

ren85muga.jpg (47282 bytes)  ohmrosemug.jpg (36767 bytes)  clearmug.jpg (35589 bytes)

brightonmug.jpg (36044 bytes)  mugshots1.jpg (20748 bytes)  mugshots2.jpg (21372 bytes)

token14.jpg (17964 bytes)
It's a manicure set
flashlight1.jpg (26750 bytes)
It's a Flashlight thingy!
token12.jpg (64418 bytes)
The T-Shirt for the storm we almost got.  I think we could have used an "I survived the Ice Storm of '98"
choosewell.jpg (45913 bytes)
Choose Well T-shirt
foodtray.jpg (22064 bytes)
OHM food tray-
still seen in use
surgeryclock.jpg (58511 bytes)     ohmclock2.jpg (147526 bytes)
Photo of the clock in the day surgery waiting room

Portland City Council names Sept. 5, 1957 as
Osteopathic Hospital of Maine Day
nurselinka.jpg (90135 bytes)

Nurses' Ink, 1991
certifiedmail.jpg (19658 bytes)     eviction.jpg (58762 bytes)    notary.jpg (61125 bytes)

Here's an 'eviction notice'.  All in fun.

profilea.jpg (128072 bytes)
Department Profile,
flyer.jpg (110755 bytes)
Both sides of an OHM flyer
billenvelope.jpg (17502 bytes)     hospitalbill.jpg (58480 bytes)
Hospital bill.  Wow!  I wonder if they thought it was a bargain at the time.
Around late 1993
June/July 1979 issue of 'Osteo Path Finder'
Intern photos are on inside (see the "Meet the Interns" section)
labnews.jpg (25228 bytes)
Lab stationary
floura.jpg (48794 bytes) 1974 OHM Cookbook
aohacover.jpg (38221 bytes)
This is the cover page to a booklet celebrating the 50th anniversary of the American Osteopathic Hospital Association, 1934-1984.  This will link you to a page with a small selection of the booklets contents.  If you don't have a high bandwidth connection, this page may take some time to load.

Do you have some memorabilia stashed in a draw or a cabinet at home or at work?  Why not share them here?

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