A small collection of assorted lab photos.

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lab1.jpg (52201 bytes)
A lab occasion in early-mid 90's

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Collage that can be seen on wall at the Lab entrance
collage2.jpg (150385 bytes)
Another Lab collage- the original used to hang in the Lab entrance

Ray's Retirement Party ('93ish?)

nordxa.jpg (83913 bytes)
Group photo of all OHM / BMC folk that attended Dru's retirement party
me on the right

lostdog.jpg (54019 bytes)
The famous Lost Puppie Incident

lostdog2.jpg (15039 bytes)
A closer look

lab3.jpg (64976 bytes)
Donna working in Special Chemistry

lab4.jpg (60232 bytes)
OK.  Who hasn't sat in our new phlebotomy chair yet?

phlebutton.jpg (38280 bytes)
Just a button in the phlebotomy room that's been there for years


lab5.jpg (54554 bytes)  
Jane in Hematology

lab6.jpg (48729 bytes)
Chris on the Chemistry bench

lab7.jpg (48347 bytes)
Mike at work in Clinical Microscopy (i.e., Urinalysis)

lab8.jpg (62906 bytes)
Linda waist deep in petri dishes (Microbiology Supervisor)

lab305.jpg (38189 bytes)

lab201.jpg (37348 bytes)
Eva and Helen (Histology/Cytology)

lab202.jpg (48240 bytes)
Eva and Dave in the Lab Library/Conference Room

lab203.jpg (27019 bytes)
Dave by the tissue stainer

lab204.jpg (35027 bytes)
Dr. Van

lab205.jpg (38327 bytes)
Dr. Freeman

lab206.jpg (25405 bytes)

lab207.jpg (32688 bytes)
Over by the Cryostat.  This side of the lab is now Preadmission testing (PAUB)

lab208.jpg (38507 bytes)
Shot taken at Ray's retirement party down in Kennebunk
David and Michelle

lab209.jpg (39364 bytes)
The 'Astra' (foreground) and Hitachi chemistry analyzers (1980's)

lab210.jpg (58780 bytes)
The Coulter Counter, hematology analyzer (1980's)

pamconnie.jpg (57456 bytes)
Pam and Connie

lab301.jpg (38565 bytes)

lab302.jpg (38629 bytes)

lab303.jpg (46127 bytes)

lab304.jpg (38174 bytes)
Sherry and Dru

lab306.jpg (26338 bytes)
MaryJayne and Joanna

lab307.jpg (56115 bytes)
The Micro Lab

A few more photos




Here's a few other items from the lab

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