Hi to all Osteopathic Hospital of Maine and Brighton Medical Center Alumni.

For those of you who have not yet heard about the Ohm Reunion web site, it 
is an online meeting place for all who have worked at or were once 
affiliated with OHM and/or BMC. On the site you will find a photographic 
chronicle of the physical growth of the hospital, an email exchange 
section, a discussion forum, reunion photos, newspaper articles from over 
the years, current events and photos, memorabilia, and more. The ďWhatís 
NewĒ list on the main page of the site makes it easy for return visitors to 
find highlights of the most recently added content.

There are quite a few pictures on the web site from the May 18 reunion, and 
there will be more added as they become available. The Portland Library 
newspaper archives are complete up through the 70ís, and I will be posting 
articles from the 80ís next, itís a matter of finding the time to get over 
to the Portland Library. You can keep in touch with events planned by The 
Golden Club, such as the recent Harvest Breakfast held up in the Board 
Room, the August Casco Bay Cruise, garage sales, or the upcoming Christmas 
Luncheon in December. The MMC Archive Library continues to be very 
helpful. Most recently, they have supplied with me with a number of issues 
of ĎRoundsí.

Come take a visit, if you havenít yet, to http://www.ohmreunion.com . Get a 
password so you can view the many pictures taken at the reunion. The 
Discussion Area hasnít been very busy, but I will keep it available should 
anyone care to post a comment. Remember, if you should post something that 
you later decide you want removed, just let me know and I can delete it. I 
hope that as time approaches the next reunion slated for October 22, 2005, 
people may find the forum more useful in planning the particulars of the 

I am sending this message to about 140 people, including everyone who has 
joined ĎEmail Centralí, as well as those alumni that are in my personal 
address book. Additionally, I scanned through Maine Medical Centersí 
Groupwise address book, looking for familiar names. There are thousands of 
names listed there, and I simply donít know everyone who would be 
appropriate to send a copy of this letter to. Why not check your e-address 
books and those forwarded jokes you get in your email, which are typically 
carbon copied to 20 or more people, for fellow alumni and email them a copy 
of this newsletter. And while youíre at it, why donít you rummage through 
your desk drawers at home or at work for any photos or interesting trinkets 
you may have saved over the years so you can share them with the rest of us 
in the Reunion or the Memorabilia section.

I am also sending out a letter to approximately 70 area osteopathic 
physicians that have had an affiliation with OHM / BMC to let them know 
about the web site. There are also several physician groups that have web 
sites with contact information, so I will be sending a similar letter to 
them by email. Hopefully, they and their colleagues will get a chance to 
view the site.

Please ignore this message if you feel that this letter has reached you by 
mistake. To avoid receiving any more newsletters about this site, just 
reply to this email to me and put the word UNSUBSCRIBE in capital letters 
either in the subject and/or and body of the message.

Thanks, and hope you get a chance to visit.


Steve Ramer